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Trenchless Main Water Line Replacement


In the past, homeowners have dreaded the thought of having to get their main water line repaired, or worse, replaced. This is due to the fact that many homeowners are under the impression that their yards will have to be dug up in order to make the necessary repairs to their underground water line. Thanks to our safe, convenient and reliable trenchless pipe replacement system, repairing your water main line is easy, and won’t lead to further issues and expenses above ground!

When Are Trenchless Repair Services Necessary?

Trenchless water line repairs & replacement systems have virtually removed any need to employ traditional underground pipe repair techniques that involve excavation.

Water main lines are common issues when it's too cold out as the temperatures near freezing during cold months.

Some water main line problems include:

  • Burst water line pipe as a result of tree roots and household debris blockages
  • Improper water line pipe installation
  • Cracked and broken water pipes caused by shifting earth or house settling
  • Burst pipes because of freezing and thawing cycle during winter months.
Trenchless pipe water line repair infographic

Illustration of how we can replace water line main pipes.

How Do you Replace Water Main Without Digging A Trench?

Using sophisticated and highly effective no-dig technology, the expert plumbing team from Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing can fix virtually any underground piping and sewer lines.

Our “Pipe Pull” technique involves digging two small holes at either end of the damaged trenchless pipe.

  • One will be located at the City connection.
  • The other hole will be where the water main goes into your home or building.

Once the holes are dug, we use a pointed bursting head to break up the old broken pipe underground, while at the same time the bursting head pulls the new, larger pipe in behind it. This new pipe is chemical resistant, non-leaking and will deflect roots and last a great deal longer than your previous underground pipes.

To take advantage of the remarkable new underground pipe replacement methods and save your lawn, call us or Book Online and one of our service techs will contact you to schedule a visit.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with fast and reliable trenchless pipe repair or replacement service at a fair price across all of metro Vancouver.