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Heating Maintenance

All furnace and boiler manufacturers recommend annual service inspections and most insurance companies require annual safety checks.

We do maintenance on all brands of furnaces and boilers. Doesn't matter if it is high efficient or all the way down to standard efficient we can make sure it is running safely for you and your family. Having your annual maintenance done can help potential failure on the coldest days when required most. When you have a furnace in your home your filters need to be changed or washed every 3 months maximum.

Older homes didn't have combustion air piped directly to your furnace or boiler, as rooms have been built around the heating equipment and homes have become more efficient with less air lost threw the outside this needs to be there.If not your gas fired equipment could get into a CO producing situation. CO is a silent killer.

We have a complete check list that is checked every time you call for you annual maintenance. We only send out service technicians with gas tickets and are highly trained for your heating equipment.

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