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Finding fast, affordable, and professional plumbers in Port Coquitlam isn’t always easy. When in doubt, reach out to Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing!

At Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing, our family has been providing customers in Port Coquitlam and surrounding provinces with superior plumbing service and reliability for four generations.

No matter the size or nature of your problem, plumbing issues can quickly become major ordeals. The expert certified plumbers at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing are ready to help you fix just about any plumbing problem… and— if we can’t— we’ll help you find the best people who can.

Our plumbers are on call 24-hours a day/7-days a week. We know you’re busy with work and family and we know plumbing problems can arise at any time. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping every resident in Port Coquitlam, whenever they need us.

In all likelihood, if you think you have a serious plumbing problem on your hands… you probably do. Don’t wait and hope that things don’t get worse, don’t try to fix it yourself, and don’t call a plumber who isn’t qualified to help you as quickly and economically as possible.

Instead, call the professional plumbers at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing to make sure everything is running smoothly. We’re here to help with…

  • Burst pipes
  • Clogged drains or toilets
  • Leaky drains
  • Leaky sink
  • Poly-B repair
  • Gas or water tanks
  • Unusual noises (loud grinding, hissing or persistent clanging)
  • Sump pump failure
  • Water heater issues

Sometimes plumbing issues really can wait to be repaired, but if you’re ever in doubt our plumbers are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Our industry-trained plumbers can help Port Coquitlam homeowners and businesses.

We offer expert advice and professional plumbing service including:

  • Fast, professional service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Clear communication and friendly answers to all of your questions
  • Affordable options if service or repair aren’t possible
  • Direct contact with the serviceman handling your plumbing issues

Remember, if you have plumbing issues, the name to know in Port Coquitlam is Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing.

Put the power of family values to work for you and see the difference legacy makes.

Call Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing today.

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Port Coquitlam Plumbing Service

The Lillie family has been helping homeowners and businesses in Port Coquitlam since Jack Lillie went into business four generations ago. We know how stressful plumbing issues can be and we’re ready to help, whether your problem is as simple as a leaking pipe or as involved as a full house remodel.

At Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing we firmly believe that “a stitch in time saves nine.” That’s why our top-quality plumbers will rush to help you assess the situation and get to work on a real solution, no matter what your need or budget.

At Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing, we’re to help Port Coquitlam residents and business owners with:

  • Maintenance and upkeep. (Most plumbing problems can be avoided with regular inspection and tune-ups.)
  • New installs. (We’ll even advise you on the best products for your budget and needs.)
  • Emergency plumbing repair issues
  • Refurbishing and remodeling
  • And any other plumbing issues you may face, no matter what, no matter when.

Plumbing problems really don’t have to be a nightmare, if you’ll get expert help when you need it. Don’t let things get worse by ignoring them or cause yourself needless stress attempting to fix it yourself. If you think you may need professional help, you probably do.

Port Coquitlam Heating Service & Repairs

We service all of Port Coquitlam— residential, business, and industrial— with heating system repair, maintenance, and installation. We also service boilers and hot water heaters to make sure your home is as comfortable as it should be, all winter long.

Whether your heating isn’t warming your home or business the way it should, you’re looking for higher-efficiency HVAC, or you have a full-blown heating emergency, Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing is ready to help. And— if we can’t— we’ll help you find the perfect service provider who can.

Renovation, Code violation, or a heating emergency, our experts can handle it ussing top of the line equipment, manpower, and rarefied expertise.

Port Coquitlam Tankless Hot Water Heater Repairs & Installation

Water heating and HVAC add up to 65% of your energy bill. Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing can help you slash that expense with a high-efficiency tankless hot water system.

The Lillie family has been helping Port Coquitlam home and business owners for four generations. In all that time, we’ve probably been asked one question more than any other, “How can I save money?”

The tankless hot water heater is an innovative answer many of our customers absolutely love.

Available in gas and electric models, tankless hot water heaters are designed to deliver heated water on demand, as opposed to traditional boilers that store a finite amount of hot water in a tank.

Getting rid of the tank eliminates wasted space… and energy. And you never run out of hot water. In fact, everyone in the family can take a piping hot shower, one right after the other.

Some of the advantages of tankless water heaters include…

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Low operating costs
  • Ease of use (tankless water heaters are electronically controlled)
  • Saved space

And if you use a large amount of hot water, you can always have Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing install multiple tankless water heater units connected to different appliances, sinks, showers, or hot tubs.

Port Coquitlam Boiler Repair & Service

Have you ever wondered what that bump in the night is? If it’s your boiler or water heater, you may have some serious problems on the horizon.

Don’t wait to call the service experts at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing and get your boiler checked out and fixed right the first time.

There are a number of advantages to a hot water heater, including…

  • Affordable cost for most units
  • Flexibility (there are several standard sizes to choose from)
  • Convenience (boilers can be used with gas, electricity, or oil)
  • Inexpensive venting cost
  • User-friendly flow rate

The top-flight hot water heater and boiler experts at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing are fully qualified to complete regular maintenance and upkeep on your hot water tank, keeping it in the best operational condition.

If your hot water heater or boiler is properly maintained, it will most likely work for many years without any issues. Regular inspection from Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing hot water heater experts can help you avoid extensive and costly repairs or replacement.

You can count on our hot water serviceman to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured, for your safety.

Port Coquitlam Furnace Service & Repair

In the dead of winter, the last thing you want to be is cold. Particularly in your own home or business.

If your furnace isn’t keeping you warm and toasty through the winter months, you need to call the professionals at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing and get it fixed… fast.

A Malfunctioning Furnace Can Cause A Wide-Range of Problems, including…

Unreliable heating – Many Port Coquitlam home and business owners mistake furnace issues for a problem with their thermostats.

Poor air quality – If your furnace needs expert care, you may very well experience irritating health issues like dry skin and sore throats.

Multiple streams of expense – Old or inefficient furnaces can quickly add to your energy bills, costing you a steadily increasing amount of money until you finally get the problem fixed.

The vast majority of furnace issues can be prevented with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t provide that kind of upkeep for their furnaces.

Port Coquitlam Drainage Service & Repairs

Did you know that a lack of proper drainage can lead to chronic illness? It can. Without dependable drainage, a single rainstorm can lead to not only massive water damage but the growth and development of mold.

Don’t wait until you and your family are sick with allergies and exhausted with mold treatment bills to call the drainage experts at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing.

We Are On Call 24-hours a day/7-days a Week to Help You Resolve Drainage Problems, including:

  • Sewer line back-up or blockage
  • Perimeter drain tile replacement and repairs
  • Broken concrete or clay sewer lines
  • Broken or burst pipes
  • Root intrusion damage
  • Offset pipes
  • Yearly inspections
  • Hot water flushing
  • And much more

Our technicians will treat you as their top priority. They’ll answer your questions and do everything in their power to open and clean your drainage pipes to return them as closely as possible to their original capacity.

The expert drainage technicians at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing can open any clogged drain. Using augers, snakes, hydro jets, camera equipment, spot repair gear, and even performing complete replacements if need be, they won’t stop until your drain is restored to proper function.

Put the power of family values to work for you and see the difference legacy makes.

Call Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing today.

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