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Monthly Payments & FortisBC Rebate Offer

The 2015 FortisBC Rebates Are Back!

Is your furnace older than 20 years? Have you been thinking of replacing it?


Now is the time to do it with Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing!

You can receive up to $800 in rebates for replacing your natural gas furnace or boiler!

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What is eligible?

Natural Gas Furnaces Over 95% Efficientfurnace

Our team will ensure that you are presented with all the options to best pair you and your home with the ideal furnace.

Have a brand new furnace installed in your home for as low as $39/month



Natural Gas Efficiency Boilers

high efficiency boilerDo you heat your home with a boiler?

Please call us if you don't know!

FortisBC is extending their rebates to cover space heating boilers.

Installed and saving you money from as low as $90/month

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Not ready for a new heating system?

Have your furnace or boiler and gas fireplace serviced by Lillie Family and receive a $50 credit towards your FortisBC bill!


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*Emergency replacements are not eligible for any rebates, so don't wait until its too late, call 604-670-6927 for a free quote!

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