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Heating Repair

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Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing offers the best in customer service and quality heating repair workmanship. Our dedicated team of heating experts are fully equipped and certified to handle any job you need them to. Whether you’re in need of a brand new heating system, or just need some basic repairs or maintenance performed, we are here to help. For over four generations, our family has been keeping residents and commercial sites comfortably heated throughout the Vancouver area, and we will be happy to do the same for you.

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Heating Systems We Can Repair

We are fully qualified to repair and replace virtually any heating system used in both commercial and residential properties. Below are the descriptions of each system below available to determine which furance you need serviced, or replaced.


A furnace or forced air system, keeps your house warm by forcing air through ducts from a central location. Warm air is distributed through the ducts and out of vents located on the floors, walls and ceilings of your home in order to keep the entire home or office warm.


thermostat heating controlA boiler uses heated water rather than air to heat a home or commercial site. Many larger buildings are often equipped with boilers due to the fact that they are able to warm larger spaces more efficiently than having a furnace constantly running. The heated water from a boiler can be distributed either through radiators placed throughout the building, or through the floors using a system of pipes.

Heat Pumps

Used as an energy saving replacement for a furnace and central air conditioner, a heat pump is a large appliance that removes cold air from your home and replaces it with warm air during the winter. A heat pump is placed outside of your home or office and uses the ductwork inside to distribute heat similar to the way a furnace does. This heating system is more common to the west coast due to the milder winter climate. It uses less energy than other common heating systems.

Electric Heating

Finally, electric baseboard heating systems are becoming more common in electric baseboard heating systemresidential homes and multifamily units. These heaters are usually found in each room under a window in order to counter the falling cold air from the window.

Reliable Maintenance and Complete Installation

Once we determine exactly which type of heating system we will be working with in your home, commercial site or office, we can get started right away with whatever task you need in order to get everything running smoothly again. Whether you need an aging system replaced, or just have a few minor problems you need solved before they become major ones, Lillie Family Heating will be there quickly, and prepared to get the job done right. We offer a wide selection of highly efficient, quality heating systems, and we will be there to help you make the selection that suits your heating needs as well as your budget. We are also ready to help you keep your existing system working smoothly should any problems occur, and we are always available for regular maintenance calls. You can always rely on the experts at Lillie Family Heating to provide you with excellent service, at a competitive price. Call us today or go online to book a service call today!

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