Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality TestingOur Indoor Air Quality is vital to our health and that of our family.  It is often taken for granted even with increased public awareness around the issue. The average person spends 90% of our time indoors.  Thus, we should take every precaution to ensure our families and workers are breathing rich and healthy air, that is free of contaminants and pollutants. With Indoor Air Quality Testing from Lillie Family Heating, you can be sure that your family is breating safe air. We are here for you!

Air Filter Replacment Schedule

When we think of the climate control systems in our homes or commercial properties, the main concern is usually efficiency. A lot of factors contribute to the level of efficiency of your home's heating and cooling systems. Things like insulation and window seals can go a long way towards keeping warm or cool air in your home or business, which can have a major impact on energy efficiency.

While energy efficient windows and insulation help trap desirable temperatures, they can also trap air pollutants. These factors can also have a major impact on the air quality in your home or commercial property, which is why you should always be ready to take necessary precautions to ensure you don't neglect air quality in favour of energy efficiency. To help you balance these priorities, and keep your space healthy and climate controlled, the HVAC experts at Lillie Family Ltd are ready to provide you with air quality testing services as well as a comprehensive air filter replacement schedule.

Indoor air pollutants can do a lot of harm to you as well as the occupants of your home or business in a short period of time. For the most part, people spend more than half of their day either at work or in their homes, which is why poorly filtered indoor air is one of the major causes of frequent illness according to Health Canada. Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take to make sure you are exposed to as little pollutants as possible.

We Service, Install & Maintain Vents and Ducts for All HVAC Systems.

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Lillie Family Heating is happy to say that we have 24 hour emergency service available.  This will ensure that your system can get up and running if a faster timeline.

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