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Commercial & Residential Ductwork or HVAC Systems

Even the most energy efficient furnace units won’t perform at their best without properly installed air ducts. The reason for this, is air flow. If the vent joints are not properly sealed, air will leak throughout the ducting and pressure will be loss as a result in low air flow throughout your building. That is why it is so important to hire an HVAC contractor with the experience and skill to ensure all of your ductwork is completed in a safe and proper manner. The ducts in your home or commercial building are critical when it comes to keeping occupants comfortable during the hot summer and cool winter seasons that are common in British Columbia.

When it comes to working with sheet metal, we have experience and all the necessary equipment to ensure the job is completed safely and properly, so you never have to worry about your air ducts again!

Ductwork Repairs

Whether you have installed a new furnace in your older home, or are in the process of building your new home and require new ductwork to be installed, Lillie Family is ready to help. Our team will work with you to ensure you have a solid understanding of the design and how it will be seamlessly incorporated into the layout of your home. No more cold spaces like the room above the garage, or poor air circulation.

We are also fully prepared to handle any repairs or modifications you require on your existing ductwork. We pride ourselves on providing top quality duct repair and installation services that require few modifications to any existing ceiling, floor or wall structures in your home or commercial building. Furthermore, our team of HVAC experts are well versed in BC’s building codes and guidelines, as a result, you can be rest assured that our designers will provide you with a layout that meets all the required criteria in terms of local building regulations.

To book a consultation, or to get started on any repairs, call or contact us today!

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