Boiler Repair Services
Natural Gas, Electric, Oil

Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing brings four generations of experience to its customers along with the family values of honesty and responsibility.

Our technicians provide quality service on all boiler repairs, including complete boiler installations, superior maintenance and timely replacement parts.

We offer 24-hr emergency boiler repair service so that our customers never have to go without the comforts of home.

High Efficiency Boiler Installation

As a longtime provider of heating and

industrial boiler

Industrial Boiler Installation

plumbing services for residential, commercial and strata properties, we deal with a variety of boiler makes and models. Our staff has comprehensive experience repairing units from all existing manufacturers, including Superhot, NTI, Viessmann, Laars, Raypak and Triangle Tube. We offer value-for-dollar unit installation, and install smart controls that can be used to adjust your unit, enabling it to accommodate outdoor and indoor temperature changes for maximum energy efficiency.

We offer value-for-dollar unit installation, and install smart controls that can be used to adjust your unit, enabling it to accommodate outdoor and indoor temperature changes for maximum energy efficiency.

In order for your boiler to operate safely, it must be kept in good working order through regularly scheduled maintenance checkups. Basic system maintenance should take place at least once a year, particularly so that you can make sure that the back-flow assembly is working properly along with all other components. We provide maintenance service for all commercial, residential, and strata properties.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Boiler System

For expert boiler repair and maintenance service from a team of friendly HVAC experts in Vancouver, Abbotsford and Kelowna, be sure to contact the team at Lillie Family Ltd. We will be happy to help you handle any and all boiler repairs and maintenance services you require. Whether you own an electric, oil or natural gas powered boiler, or are interested in installing a new high efficiency boiler, the experts at Lillie Family have got you covered.

When it comes to boiler repairs, installation and maintenance, it is vital to enlist the help of a reliable and trustworthy team of HVAC experts. Boilers require a skilled hand to make sure they run properly, and more importantly, safely. No matter what kind of boiler you own, the team at Lillie Family is fully equipped and certified to handle any and all repairs you may require. You should also consider enlisting out expertise when it comes to regular maintenance for your boiler. We offer comprehensive maintenance services for all types of residential and commercial boiler units, so you can rest assured that your boiler will continue to function properly, and at peak efficiency. To find out more about how we can help keep your boiler working at its best throughout the fall and winter and well into the future, be sure to contact us to book a maintenance inspection today!

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Affordable Pricing

We can assist our customers in making their boilers as energy and cost-efficient as possible, helping to keep your annual heating bills as low as possible, while providing optimal distribution of heat. We are also part of FortisBC’s Trade Ally Members and often offer energy rebates.

What to Do When Your Boiler Isn’t Operating Properly

If you are experiencing problems with your system like loud noises, poor performance, leaking, or visible signs of damaged components please make an appointment with one of our technicians who will troubleshoot the cause of the problem for you.

Sometimes the costs of repairs, especially with older units, may be higher than replacing it completely. If this is the case, we can advise you on the best new appliance for your home to meet your needs. Newer high-efficiency models can save you money over the long term and help keep your family safe from harmful emissions.

For a new furnace quote, please call us, or fill out our form and we’ll be happy to provide you with a rough estimate. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to provide you with an exact cost of a furnace because every home has different elements that will change the cost of furnace installation.

Do You Need a New Boiler?

The staff at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing Company can help you to determine whether you need a new boiler or if your equipment can benefit from repairs. If your system has enough operational life left in it to merit the expense of repairs, then that is what we’ll recommend. However, if your system won’t last much longer, even with repairs and/or maintenance, then we’ll recommend that you replace your unit and we can supply you with one and include warranty.

Plumbing & Electric Code Compliance

Our highly trained staff makes sure that your boiler system meets all appropriate codes, guaranteeing that it is properly installed and fitted to meet city codes as well as the restrictions in place at Strata complexes, if applicable.

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