Gas Fitter Services

Gas Fitter Services

A gas fitter role typically involves the installation, inspection, repairs and maintaining gas equipment such as meters, heating units, regulators and appliances in commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Common Gas Fitter Jobs

There are several variations of the term "Gas Fitter" including Pipefitter, fitter-installer, gas pipe mechanic or even gas technician.

Gas fitters work in and outdoors as the gas meter is installed on the outside of a building for easy access and safety.

With over four generations of servicing Vancouver's lower mainland, our company is still one of the top gas fitting companies in the business. We have several ticketed gas fitters that are professional and very experienced in most situations. We strive to be the most honest, dependable, and qualified  plumbing company.

We understand that every building environment is unique and has its own requirements regarding natural gas, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and more. Therefore, we always include an assessment of your building requirements, ensuring that our services properly address your needs.

<h4>Gas Fitters Can Do The Following..</h4>

  • Install regulators and gas lines
  • Repair and service gas related equipment
  • Test and adjust control mechanisms
  • Directional gas line drilling
  • Install & maintain gas meters
  • Service Gas Fireplaces & Gas Boilers

Why Choose Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing

When you need plumbing service, you need it fixed fast and fixed properly. Lillie Family offers quick, affordable Coquitlam plumbing repair to get you warm as soon as possible.  

  • Our technicians are the most experienced available
  • We offer a methodical approach so you do not have unneeded repairs
  • Your satisfaction is our goal

24/7 Emergency Service

Lillie Family Heating is happy to say that we have 24 hour emergency service available.  This will ensure that your system can get up and running if a faster timeline.

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