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Drain Tile Repair

Drain tile Repair

Emergency Drain tile Repair

The best way to ensure your basement stays dry, and the foundation of your home or commercial property remains intact for the long term future is to protect them with a properly installed drain tile system. Without a working drain tile system around the foundation of your property, you run the risk of exposing your foundation to extensive water damage which will compromise the integrity of the entire structure, and will lead to extensive and expensive repairs.

To avoid all of this hassle, you should enlist the help of the team of certified and fully insured plumbing experts at Lillie Family Ltd. We specialize in providing top quality drain tile repairs, installations and cleaning to both residential and commercial customers throughout Vancouver, Abbotsford and the Kelowna area.

Lillie Family plumbers are experienced in definitively diagnosing and resolving any drainage problem, including:

  • Drain and sewer line back-up or blockage
  • Perimeter drain tile replacement and repairs
  • Broken concrete or clay sewer lines
  • Broken or burst pipes
  • Root intrusion damage
  • Offset pipes

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Drain Tile Cleaning

A poorly maintained or malfunctioning drain tile system can be just as bad as having no drain tile system at all. Many older homes and properties that have drain tile systems installed years and years ago may start to experience minor flooding in certain areas over time. This can be caused by a few different issues either with the drain tile system itself, or a buildup of organic material causing water to pool rather than drain properly.

The team of plumbers at Lillie Family have the proper training and equipment to find out what exactly is causing the issue with your drain tile system, and fix it in a prompt and reliable manner. Sometimes, drain tile systems simply require a cleaning to get water flowing properly again, but aging drainage systems may require more extensive repairs. No matter what the issue may be, you can rely on Lillie Family to get the job done right, so your basement and foundation stay dry and free of any water damage.

Drain Tile Installation in Basement

Keeping your basement free of serious flooding and foundation damage year

drain tile installation

Drainage Installation

after year is simple when you have a quality drain tile system installed by the plumbing experts at Lillie Family. We will take the time to diagnose where the worst flooding can potentially occur on your property, and we will ensure that your drain tile system is properly installed in a timely fashion, with minimal impact on the appearance of your property. When we’re finished, the only way you’ll be able to tell that a drain tile system has been dug out around your foundation is the fact that you will no longer experience any flooding in your basement!

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