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Central air conditioning can truly feel like a luxury during the scorching hot days of summer. It is a wonderful feeling being able to escape the heat completely by staying indoors when the heat becomes too unbearable. Thanks to central air conditioners homeowners can get a great night’s sleep during the hot summer nights, and workers can feel perfectly comfortable at the office. The only time you might find yourself cursing your central A/C unit is when it isn’t working properly. Fortunately, the HVAC experts at Lillie Family Ltd, are more than ready to help tackle any A/C installations, repairs or maintenance needs you require.

A/C Unit Installation and Repair

The team of friendly HVAC experts at

Air Conditioning unit

Air Conditioning Unit

Lillie Family are fully trained and certified to perform repairs or installation on any brand or type of central A/C unit. We feature a great selection of top quality central A/C units to choose from that are suitable for both residential and commercial usage. All of our featured A/C systems come with full installation service, so you can rely on the team at Lillie Family to ensure that your A/C unit will be working at peak efficiency once its installed. We are also fully equipped to handle whatever repair job you require, so you can get back to enjoying the summer in cool comfort.

Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance

The best way to avoid any potential issues with your central A/C unit this summer is to enlist the help of Lillie Family’s preventative maintenance services. With our help, you can greatly reduce the chances of equipment failure while increasing the lifespan of one of your most expensive appliances. The last thing anyone wants to deal with in the height of summer is a faulty central A/C unit, which is why we employ a top to bottom preventative maintenance service that covers all the bases when it comes to your A/C unit

For the most part, a simple cleaning on a regular basis can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your A/C unit running at its best. In addition to a thorough cleaning our HVAC experts will fully inspect each component of your A/C unit to make sure there will be no sudden malfunctions due to worn out equipment.

With Lillie Family’s complete preventative maintenance service, you will never have to wonder whether or not your central A/C unit will last through the summer again. For more information about our preventative maintenance service, or to get started on finding the right central A/C unit for your residential or commercial needs, be sure to contact us today.

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