Central Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Contracts

For anyone who owns and/or manages a commercial property, the last thing you want to ever deal with is a major issue with the climate control systems. When the A/C or the heat goes out, or the building's plumbing systems start acting up, it can mean devoting a lot of time, money and energy to fixing the problem in a timely fashion.

Lillie Family Ltd will be happy to assist with any major repairs you may have, we are also ready to work with you to take as many preventative measures as possible to avoid major issues in the future.

Not only can our preventative maintenance service save you on future repair costs, it will also help keep things like your building's plumbing, heating and cooling systems running smoothly and as efficiently as possible all year round. This long term investment will help keep major short term expenses to a minimum, while also keeping your building's occupants happy with the state of the building's systems.

Lillie Family is proud to feature a highly skilled and experienced staff of plumbing and HVAC experts that are friendly, dedicated and fully committed to upholding our company's strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy service.

We have established ourselves as a premiere plumbing and HVAC service among residential and commercial customers throughout Vancouver, Abbotsford and the Kelowna areas, and we plan to continue to provide top quality service to all of our new and existing clients.

With our quality preventative building maintenance service, you can expect to receive benefits like regular system checks and equipment cleaning, parts replacements and much much more.

This service applies to a wide range of properties such as condo and apartment complexes, office parks and municipal properties of all sizes. To find out more about how our quality maintenance services can benefit you, be sure to contact us directly via telephone or our website today!

Some benefits of Preventative Maintenance include:

  • Savings on cost of equipement
  • Reliable equipment with less downtime
  • More energy efficient systems, creating more savings for your business

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