Commercial Financing

Commercial FinancingLillie Family Heating has partnered with Xpansion leasing to provide commercial financing on mechanical equipment for construction, renovation and retrofit projects. We focus on minimizing financial exposure by working with a trusted list of vendors to lower costs and to simplify operations.

Equipment leasing saves your working capital for day-to-day business expenses, post-construction maintenance cost, or unexpected construction or maintenance related expenses.

Xpansion Leasing’s model provides you with the saving of 10% of your total expenditures. Not only does it lowers your initial capital requirement, but creates a vehicle for tax advantages on the annual lease payment.

Leasing reduces and, in most cases, eliminates the upfront capital required to purchase mechanical equipment. The low monthly lease premium provides many benefits, including:

Lowered Initial Capital Cost

Post-construction maintenance fund is created

Tax Advantages on the annual lease payment

Simplified operation and flexible terms

We provide mechanical leasing on flexible terms to a wide variety of industries, nationwide. Our process makes equipment leasing not only simple, but affordable.

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