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Winterize Your Window Or Central Air Conditioner

Now that winter has dug its claws in all around British Columbia from Vancouver to Kelowna, there are some things that need to be done around the house. The cold temperatures and heavy snowfall can do some damage to things like air conditioning units if they are left unprotected. Therefore, it is a good idea…
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Plumbing Tips For Winter

These plumbing tips for winter will help you conserve energy and save money. They will protect your home plumbing system and ensure that it will keep flowing smoothly. During the colder winter months, there are several items you can do to make certain your home is going to be warm, dry, and safe during extremely…
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How To Improve Heating Your Home

Even though summer is around the corner, we are still in for some chilly days and nights ahead in Vancouver and surrounding area. And while it’s always tempting to crank the heat when we are feeling chilly at home, turning up the temperature is not the most cost effective or responsible way of staying warm…
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What Heating System is Used to Heat Your Home?

Have you ever wondered what goes on below the vents? That is, do you know what kind of system heats your home and exactly what is going on when you hear the heat kick in? Many people are comfortable simply knowing that when they move the dial, they will soon feel warm. But knowledge is…
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