Gas Recalls

Gas Recalls

Triangle Tube’s Prestige Solo and Prestige Excellence Condensing Gas Boilers recalled Health Canada has issued a recall to repair Triangle Tube’s Prestige Solo and Prestige Excellence Condensing Gas Boilers due to risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Issue: Flue gas can escape from the gas boilers if the vent adapter is not securely reattached to the boiler after maintenance or repair, … Read More

Covid-19 and Contactless Service


First of all to you and your family, we hope that you are all safe and doing well during this Covid-19 pandemic. Your health and well-being, as well as that of our team members, is of the utmost importance; therefore, we want to keep you in the loop regarding our updated COVID-19 Response Plan. The following are the safety precautions we have … Read More

How to prevent pipes from freezing


In places across British Columbia, from Vancouver to Kelowna, the winter temperature can range from mild to freezing cold. And for those who live through the cold weather every year, comes the knowledge that frigid temperatures pose a threat to your home. One of winter things that can cause the most damage is having pipes freeze and burst. Not only … Read More

Boiler Safety Inspection Service


In order to have a safe and efficiently working heating system for both commercial and residential buildings, regular boiler maintenance is required. The first step in boiler maintenance is to have the boiler inspected by a professional, and it is recommended that boilers are inspected once a year in order to ensure that the boiler is running smoothly. Like anything, … Read More

5 Heating Efficiency Tips for Heating Your Home This Fall

Home heating thermostat repair replace

As the heat of the summer becomes a distant memory, cooler days and nights begin to arrive more frequently. While your first thought might be to simply turn on your heating system in order to warm up the air in your home, you might want to put that thought on hold until you follow a few preparatory guidelines to get … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Furnace Air Filter This Fall

Why replace your furnace air filter

How often do you change your Furnace Air Filter? It’s easy to see why many people forget about changing their furnace air filter each year. After all, you don’t see it every day, so you probably just don’t think about it. Unfortunately, a dirty air filter can cause a lot of problems for your finances as well as for your … Read More