Residential Boiler Maintenance & Seasonal Checklist

Residential boiler service

If your home is equipped with a boiler, you may not be completely aware of the amount of regular maintenance it requires on a seasonal basis. Performing regular maintenance on any major appliance or piece of equipment in your home is a great way to ensure you get the most out of it in terms of efficiency and lifespan. Your … Read More

Furnace Replacement & Repair in Kelowna

Furnace heating repair services

Recently, Lillie Family Heating extended its plumbing services beyond the great Lower Mainland to the beautiful city of Kelowna, and what a great place it is, even in the winter! Compared to other places in the country, winters in Kelowna are really pretty great. The temperature can certainly dip below zero and there is a dusting of beautiful white snow … Read More

Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?


The key to longevity, whether it’s your health or your car, is proper and routine upkeep and maintenance, and an HVAC system is no different. Not only is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system a very important component to your home, it’s a rather expensive one at that. So it’s a good idea to do what you can to … Read More

How does an HVAC System Work?


Living in a climate like Vancouver, we are used to drastic changes in the temperature outside. While we can’t do much about the temperature outdoors, we have become accustomed to adjusting the temperature indoors to keep us comfortable — we can make it cool in the hot summer months and warm on those chilly fall and winter evenings. But have … Read More

How To Improve Heating Your Home


Even though summer is around the corner, we are still in for some chilly days and nights ahead in Vancouver and surrounding area. And while it’s always tempting to crank the heat when we are feeling chilly at home, turning up the temperature is not the most cost effective or responsible way of staying warm — there are plenty of … Read More

What Type of Heating System is Used to Heat Your Home?


Have you ever wondered what goes on below the vents? That is, do you know what kind of system heats your home and exactly what is going on when you hear the heat kick in? Many people are comfortable simply knowing that when they move the dial, they will soon feel warm. But knowledge is power and the more you … Read More

What Heating System is Best for a New Home?


Building a home can be one of life’s most exciting undertakings, getting to decide on your ideal home elements is incredibly exciting — maybe it’s an open kitchen design or skylights above your bathtub that you’ve been dreaming about. But building a home means you also have to make decisions on the nuts and bolts, and one question that home … Read More

Tips on Preparing Your Heat Pump for Winter


Winter can be quite a romantic time. Hot cocoa, snow, the holidays, it’s no wonder people love winter. However, many hate winter because of all the hazards that come with it. Ice can keep you from leaving your house, the holidays can be stressful, and even worse, your HVAC can break down. If you live in a particularly cold place, … Read More

Furnace Servicing Experts

Furnace repair services

Furnace Repair, Installation & Maintenance Experts Replacing your furnace is a task that is best accomplished with the assistance of furnace replacement qualified professionals who have the knowledge needed to select equipment that is sized to meet the demands of your home, strata complex, or business facility. Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing Company offers four generations of experience, training, and … Read More

5 Heating Efficiency Tips for Heating Your Home This Fall

Home heating thermostat repair replace

As the heat of the summer becomes a distant memory, cooler days and nights begin to arrive more frequently. While your first thought might be to simply turn on your heating system in order to warm up the air in your home, you might want to put that thought on hold until you follow a few preparatory guidelines to get … Read More