Double FortisBC Rebates

More information Customers can call 1-855-909-2329 or email Enhanced rebates will also be available for Income Qualified households. Visit to learn more. BC Hydro offers are available at BC Hydro Home Renovation Rebate Program Customers who currently heat their homes with natural gas, oil or propane and convert to a heat pump:

Maintaining Your Furnace during the Winter Season

furnace repair

During winter you have to make sure that all appliances in your home are working in the right way, failure to which your home may be uncomfortable to live. The extreme cold weather conditions require that your home heating system is working correctly. The furnace is one of the most critical parts of your home that should be working right … Read More

Furnace Replacement & Repair in Kelowna

Furnace heating repair services

Recently, Lillie Family Heating extended its plumbing services beyond the great Lower Mainland to the beautiful city of Kelowna, and what a great place it is, even in the winter! Compared to other places in the country, winters in Kelowna are really pretty great. The temperature can certainly dip below zero and there is a dusting of beautiful white snow … Read More

Which Furnace Comes with Variable Speeds?


Technology today brings us things we could have hardly imagined 20 years ago, and we have more information at our fingertips now than ever before. With technology and information also comes more choice than ever before, and for some, that can be overwhelming. Fortunately, thanks to the vast amount of information that’s out there, we also have the option to … Read More

Back to School: Service Your Furnace


Service Your Furnace With everyone finally heading back to school and the heat and excitement of the summertime quickly wearing off, now is a great time to start thinking about investing in what keeps everyone warm at night. No, we’re not talking about warm blankets or electric heaters. We’re talking about your furnace! Each year people spend hundreds of their … Read More

Furnace Servicing Experts

Furnace repair services

Furnace Repair, Installation & Maintenance Experts Replacing your furnace is a task that is best accomplished with the assistance of furnace replacement qualified professionals who have the knowledge needed to select equipment that is sized to meet the demands of your home, strata complex, or business facility. Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing Company offers four generations of experience, training, and … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Furnace Air Filter This Fall

Why replace your furnace air filter

How often do you change your Furnace Air Filter? It’s easy to see why many people forget about changing their furnace air filter each year. After all, you don’t see it every day, so you probably just don’t think about it. Unfortunately, a dirty air filter can cause a lot of problems for your finances as well as for your … Read More