Why You Should Never Hire Cheap Plumbing Labour

avoid cheap inexperienced plumbers in Vancouver

When it comes to saving money, there are a lot of reliable ways to keep some extra cash in your pocket. Making meals at home rather than ordering out can save you lots of money. Keeping lights and electronics turned off when you aren’t using them can save you a lot on your energy bills too. One way you should never try to save money is by hiring cheap plumbing labour. In the end, you may find yourself paying more to another plumber who has to come in and fix the other plumber’s shoddy work. While there are plenty of seemingly straightforward plumbing jobs that you may think anyone can handle, it really isn’t worth the risk of involving someone who isn’t experienced enough to do a proper job. As the unfortunate folks in this YouTube video would discover, cheap plumbing labour is never worth it.

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t let an inexperienced and unqualified plumber work in your home, whether you own the property or rent. It takes just one single oversight or silly mistake to cause a catastrophic flood or backup that will end up costing you a fortune to repair in the end. In the case of our plumbing disaster video example below, the plumber tried to install a new faucet without turning off the main water supply. This attempt to cut corners, and save the building owner a few hundred dollars in service fees to turn off the water to the whole strata building ended in absolute disaster. Multiple tenants were forced to leave their units until extensive repairs could be completed by fully certified and experienced plumbers contractors. All that for a job that an experienced plumber could have finished in less than an hour.

Short term thinking like that is what caused the problem in this case, but the wise homeowner or property manager should be able to take the long view on situations like this. Although a more qualified plumber will cost more up front, you will be able to rest assured their work will not lead to major issues in the future. Furthermore, any plumber who is willing to cut corners the way the guy in the video chose to will likely not be fully insured and licensed. For the homeowner, this can mean it will be extremely difficult to hold that plumber accountable for his poor workmanship.

Before you hire any plumber, even one that has come recommended, it is important to ensure they can provide a reputable service, and are insured and fully licensed. At Lillie Family Ltd, each one of our plumbers is fully certified to work on both residential and commercial properties. In the rare case where we encounter a problem with our own work, we are always willing to hold ourselves accountable to our clients, and will strive to ensure the work is completed to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Hiring a cheap plumber is never, ever worth the hassle, so the next time you need some plumbing work done, no matter how big or small the job may be, call the company you can trust to get the job done right.

Our Kelowna plumbing contractors and those in the Greater Vancouver area are all about relationships and always willing to help you with your plumbing needs.

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