What Jobs Can a Gas Fitter Perform?

Gas fitter fitting Vancouver

Natural gas is a cost effective solution for powering a number of household appliances and utilities. You can save yourself a fair amount of money over time by using natural gas to power things like your stove, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, pool heaters, furnaces and even barbecues. In fact, according to Fortis BC, natural gas prices in the province are at their lowest levels in the past decade, and cost on average about one third the price of electricity, also check out their gas rebates. No matter what you choose to use natural gas for in your home, you will need to enlist the help of a fully licensed and certified natural gas fitter contractor to properly install and connect your natural gas lines.

A certified gas fitter contractor is the first person your should contact after purchasing a new natural gas appliance. For the most part, homes in urban areas of cities like Vancouver and Kelowna have existing natural gas lines that can be connected to any natural gas appliance. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your home has a natural gas line, you can find out by contacting Fortis BC for information about an existing line, or whether or not your can have a new one installed. In either case, a natural gas fitter contractor can help you by installing your new natural gas line, or properly connecting your new appliances to an existing line in your home. Once everything is properly hooked up, you will more than likely never have to think about your natural gas again.

There are some rare instances where natural gas leaks can occur. Although it is the safest and most reliable energy source, issues can occur from time to time. Since natural gas is invisible and tasteless, service providers add a gaseous chemical called mercaptan to give it a distinct odour. This odour smells like sulphur, or rotten eggs, and if you happen to smell it in your home or backyard, it is a good indicator of a possible natural gas leak. Should a leak occur, you should immediately leave your home, turn off the natural gas valve, and call a certified natural gas fitter contractor from outside. The contractor is certified and will have all the necessary equipment to find and repair the leak.

For any natural gas installation or repair needs, you must contact a fully licensed and certified natural gas fitter contractor. To find out more about how the experts at Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing can help with your natural gas repairs and installations, or for information about our other quality plumbing and HVAC services, be sure to contact us today!

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