Residential Boiler Maintenance & Seasonal Checklist

Residential boiler service

If your home is equipped with a boiler, you may not be completely aware of the amount of regular maintenance it requires on a seasonal basis. Performing regular maintenance on any major appliance or piece of equipment in your home is a great way to ensure you get the most out of it in terms of efficiency and lifespan. Your boiler is no exception, so the team at Lillie Family Heating Ltd has prepared this brief checklist for maintenance on residential boilers. Regardless of whether your boiler runs using steam or forced air, these maintenance tips will go a long way towards improving the lifespan and overall performance of your boiler.

Annual Checks

Most homeowners already take advantage of the annual service checks offered by their utility company or boiler manufacturer. If you haven’t made arrangements with either of these resources to perform maintenance checks on your boiler, you may consider giving a certified HVAC professional like the team at Lillie Family Heating, a call. We can quickly assess the status of your boiler, and are fully prepared to provide advice or complete necessary repairs if necessary. Between our professional service calls, there are some things you can do yourself that will keep your boiler running smoothly.

Bleed Radiators

Over time, you may notice that some radiators get hotter than others throughout your home. Assuming everything else is functioning properly with your boiler, you can quickly solve this problem by bleeding the radiator valve. You can do so by placing a towel or container under the radiator valve and opening the valve with a radiator key. This will initially release excess steam build up in the radiator, followed by water. Once water starts flowing out of the valve, you can close it back up and dry up any excess water with the towel. Your radiator should start to heat more evenly now.

Check Vents and Water

A blocked air vent can keep your boiler from running properly. Make sure you have these airways clear of debris or blockage at all times, so your boiler remains efficient. While you’re at it, you should confirm the water in the boiler is at an ideal level. Too much or too little can cause your boiler to become damaged beyond repair. You should also check for any potential leaks or dripping on your overflow valve. If you notice any problems, be sure to have them repaired before they lead to more expensive issues.

Flame Colour

Most boilers allow you to look inside without having to remove too many large cover panels. This is so you can check things like the colour of the flame on the heating element. As you perform your checks, be sure to confirm that the flame is blue. If you notice a predominantly yellow or orange flame, this can indicate a major issue with the heat element. For this boiler repair you’ll need the help of a professional, so be sure to contact a trusted HVAC experts at Lillie Family Heating Ltd as soon as possible.

With regular maintenance and a keen attention to certain details related to your boiler system, you should have no problem keeping your boiler running properly and efficiently for years to come. For additional tips or to learn about our top quality maintenance and repair services, be sure to contact Lillie Family Heating Ltd today!

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