Protect Your Home During A Rain Storm


Consecutive days filled with rain, are fast approaching. In fact, they’ve pretty much arrived. Though, rains are needed to continue keeping our province, metro Vancouver and Okanagan, beautiful and green, it’s not so beneficial when we go from droughts to downpours. This can really wreak havoc and clog pipes and drains, regardless of where one lives.

It is better to stay on top of drain maintenance tasks before the rains come. With busy schedules, this is not always so easy to do. Our highest priorities get moved further and further down, while the list of things to take care of continues to grow… yikes!

Here’s an important checklist to ensure your house is well prepared for heavy rain storms:

  • Small cracks – are they repaired?
  • Loose or hanging pipes – have they been re-attached and secured?
  • Missing brackets – have these been replaced?
  • Filters – recently changed?
  • Gutters – when was the last time they were cleaned?
  • Drains – cleaned out and no roots growing?
  • Damaged drains – have they been repaired?
  • No leaks anywhere, right?

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These are not jobs to procrastinate on. If your gutters are full of fallen leaves and your drains aren’t working properly – get these things taken care of ASAP! If you live anywhere within the boundaries of Coquitlam to Abbotsford, you’ve probably got more plumbing needs and tree debris than most homes. This means, regular drainage maintenance is absolutely essential.

Need help with any of the above mentioned tasks?

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