Plumbing Tips For Winter


These plumbing tips for winter will help you conserve energy and save money. They will protect your home plumbing system and ensure that it will keep flowing smoothly. During the colder winter months, there are several items you can do to make certain your home is going to be warm, dry, and safe during extremely cold weather or when your home is full of guests during the holidays.

Simple DIY Plumbing Tips For Winter

  • When the temperature outdoors is extremely cold it’s a smart idea to run each of the faucets daily in order to prevent ice build up.
  • Prevent pipes from freezing by running all of the water valves in the household periodically throughout the winter and have someone do this for you if you are on an extended vacation.
  • It is important to take the time to inspect your pipes, especially those which are exposed to the elements to ensure there are no cracks, frost or ice built up.
  • Should you notice a pipe that is beginning to freeze up you can utilize a non-flammable heat source such as a heat lamp (space heater) or a hair dryer to beginning the thawing process.
  • Don’t allow a completely frozen pipe to have any amount of water running through it, even a small trickle, because once the pressure exceeds 3,000 PSI it will likely cause the pipe to burst.
  • Let the heat in your household distribute by allowing cabinet and sink doors to remain open during extremely cold weather.
  • Keep the heat in your house between 13 ° and 16 ° degrees Celcius when leaving home on vacation during the winter season.
  • Apply weather stripping to your windows, doorways, garage door, basement and kitchen cabinets, and crawl spaces to conserve energy, trap the heat in your home, and save money on your utility bill.
  • Close the main water supply valve, drain any garden hoses and have them disconnected before it dips below freezing temperature so there is not any water trapped that will freeze and do damage.
  • Having your piping professionally insulated is a smart option which will keep your plumbing system from freezing up. You can use rags, towels, or blankets in a pinch during extremely cold weather to help as well. And you can purchase foam insulation and insulating tape from any local home center or hardware store.
  • Indoor or outdoor basement waterproofing is the best long-term option should you want to prevent potential water and mold damage from occurring in your home.

Plumbing Tips For The Holidays

  • Inform your holiday house guests not to flush items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, hair, or facial scrubbers down the toilet.
  • Prevent cooking oil, grease, or fat from being poured down the kitchen drains because they will solidify and clog the pipes.
  • Don’t put peels, bones, pits, or anything that is fibrous or stringy into the garbage disposal because it is only going to damage the unit.
  • Don’t put food materials that will expand and clog such as rice into the kitchen drains.
  • Spread showers out throughout the entire day by waiting ten minutes or more in between them and you will have better water pressure and hotter water for your house guests.
  • Use of the washing machine and dishwasher in the evenings will help maintain water pressure as well as conserve water.
  • Loosen mineral deposits on your shower head to increase water pressure by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and tying it overnight using a twist tie so it can be gently scrubbed away with an old toothbrush.

If you are in need of expert assistance winter-proofing your home to be certain it is kept warm, dry, and safe during the winter months feel free to reach out to a professional for help. We will be glad to be of service and provide you with a long-term, reliable solution. Give us a call today!