Notable Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Water Heater

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Continuous availability of warm water is critical in your home. From baths, showers, kitchen sinks and all others, hot or warm water makes the different task easy and comfortable to perform. With the many ways you use hot water at home, it means that the water heater may be overused making it prone to getting damaged. With the high demand placed on it, you need to check it regularly to ensure it is working perfectly at all times.  It is important to understand the signs that show that your water heater require replacement. This may be due to high level usage, age of the tank or other factors.

Even the high quality water heaters have a certain lifespan, so at one time you will need to replace it. Annual maintenance, water heater repairs and proper care is the best way to prolong the lifespan, but replacement of the tank is necessary after ten years.  Here are notable signs it is time to replace your water heater.

1. Aged water heater

Your water heater cannot last forever.  At one time you will need to replace it especially when it gets old. You need to understand when the heater reaches it expiry time. In most cases, if your heater has lasted for more than ten years, you may start seeing signs of inefficiency due to old age. Note that ten years is also the recommended duration you should replace your water heater. However, the replacement may be needed even before this time. Whether you find the signs of inefficiency or not, once ten years last, you should replace it. Some of the signs you may note that show your water heater has reached its expiry include leaks, rusting, producing cold water and unusual noises.

2. Signs of rust

Despite that steel is the strongest material, it develops rust. When the steel surface gets rust it goes to other areas and eats some parts of the surface. On water tanks and pipes, if you find rust this is a good sign you need to replace your water heater.  Rusty water may emanate from the pipes or water heater. Regardless of the cause, you need to perform water heater repairs or replacement. For heaters that have gone beyond their expiry date, rusting is inevitable.  Rusting may occur in the pipes or valve. One of the best ways to know where the rust is coming from is to drain some water from the heater tank. In case the water still comes rusty after the third bucket you should know that the problem is with the water heater tank. Failure to replace the heater will lead to leaks.

3. Unusual noise

Another sign your water heater needs replacement is unusual noise. With age, you may start hearing rumbling noise as it heats the water. If you consume a lot of water the problem will be more. The unusual noise occurs as a result of sediment buildup, inefficiency and increased damage.  Unusual sound resulting from sediment buildup is an indicator it will leak soon. The damage caused by sediment can be stopped by flushing the heater.

4. Water heater leak

With age, chances are high that your water heater will start to leak. You can detect this by seeing water on the floor on the area around the tank.  Water heater leaking can lead to massive damage inside your property. At times water heater repairs can help resolve the leaking problem, but at times replacement is the best option.  The leaks may occur as a result of tank expansions, problem with fittings and overflow pipe. If the leak is big, you need to replace the heater to avoid more complex problems that may result.  Some of the problems that may occur include mold, damaged carpet, floor damage and others.

5. Production of cold water

The major goal of investing in a water heater is to have hot water in your home. Thus, if you find that it can no longer produce hot water, it is of no use. It means you can no longer wash or clean your dishes effectively.  The loss of heat can be caused by a damaged heating element, tanks that is too small for your hot water consumption or a thermostat that is not adjusted in the right way. Some of the issues can be rectified through the usual water heater repairs, but if the tank is too small for your home, you need to get a new one.  Lack of hot water is a major sign that your heater has become inefficient. You need to work with your professional to determine the actual cause and advice on the best action to take.

The above are the major signs that show it is time to have your water heater replaced. Regular maintenance is a great way to prolong its lifespan. However, with the above signs, it is more viable to have it replaced with a new one for more efficiency.

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