Maintaining Your Furnace during the Winter Season

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During winter you have to make sure that all appliances in your home are working in the right way, failure to which your home may be uncomfortable to live. The extreme cold weather conditions require that your home heating system is working correctly. The furnace is one of the most critical parts of your home that should be working right during the winter.  You should ensure it is well maintained so that it can help supply the right amount of heat.  A well-maintained furnace helps provide maximum heat output without energy wastage. It also ensures that there are no harmful emissions.  Besides, if you do not take the right maintenance for a long time, it may be hard to run your furnace or lead to costly furnace repairs. It would help if you worked with a professional furnace service Kelowna to assist in the maintenance. The following are some of the ways to maintain your furnace during the winter season.

Maintaining Your Furnace in the Winter Season

Begin your furnace maintenance early

When it is freezing, there is also a high risk that your furnace may fail to work right. To avoid the inconveniences caused, ensure you do the maintenance work when the weather is still warm before winter begins.  Taking a pro-active approach ensures that you can realize if the furnace still has got issues before winter starts. This helps you perform furnace repairs well in advance and ensure it runs smoothly throughout the winter season.

Carry out the eye test

Before working on your furnace, you should inspect it first. If you have a gas furnace, ensure the venting pipe is fastened and angled. Besides, other tubes like the drainage tubes serving the system should also be fastened. This is also the perfect time to smell the gas line that is a flexible tube, and if there is a rotten egg smell, this is an indication of a leak.

Clearing the drainage tube

Propane furnaces or natural gas generate some water as they heat. Some of the water gets blown out as exhaust steam.  If there is clogging in the drainage tube, water may end up filling the manifold, and the flame sensor may shit down the entire system.  You should ensure that the drainage tube is clear. Detach it from the manifold and blow the compressed air through the drain pipe and tube. To prevent buildup, you can put a cup of white vinegar through the tube.

Inspecting the thermostat wires

Once you shut off power and remove the furnace doors, it is time to start doing the furnace maintenance by pulling the furnace wires slightly to make sure they are tight and fitting.

Vacuum and dust

Debris, dust, and dirt can affect the smooth functioning of your furnace. To control this problem, you should use a soft-tipped paintbrush to remove debris or dust from the furnace without damaging it.

Cleaning the flame sensor

With a dirty flame sensor, your furnace cannot work, so you should clean it annually. It would be best if you unscrewed the sensor and then hold it at the bottom as you clean the sensor using an emery cloth. Once you are done, you may replace it or reinstall the door.

Filter maintenance

This is one of the most critical things to make your furnace last longer and improve its performance.  Maintaining the filter also helps you save about 5 to 15 percent on your bill. A dirty filter leads to airflow restriction, overworking of your fan motor, reduce indoor air quality and clogged ductwork. You should replace the filter after every three months or when you find it is not working correctly. You can also replace it when advised by your furnace service Kelowna.  If you have pets or smokers in your home, you should change the filter more regularly.  To be on the safe side, set a date after the cleaning process to help you remember when the replacement of the filter should be done.  Besides, it would help if you also made the area around the furnace free of obstructions and clean.  This makes the furnace run smoothly and reduce the risk of damage that can lead to costly furnace repairs.

Always work with a professional furnace service Kelowna

It may be hard for you to do the maintenance work by yourself, so you require the help of professional service to help in the process. The expert will help you carry out the right inspection and ensure that the whole system is working in the right way. Make sure you perform a yearly furnace maintenance inspection to enhance its efficiency. This also saves you a lot of money you would otherwise spend in terms of costly furnace repairs or replacement when it breaks down completely.  Some of the common issues your professional can handle include loosened ductwork, air filter replacement and lubrication of the blower motor.


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