Leaking or Burst Pipes


Winter is often the time when pipes freeze and are more likely to burst, but a leaky or burst pipe is a major hassle no matter what time of year it is. Sometimes it is pretty obvious where a burst pipe or leaking pipe is located in your house, since there is often a great deal of water that quickly builds up in the area. Other times however, a leaking pipe can be harder to track down. If you are noticing a reduction in the amount of water pressure you experience when you turn on a faucet or take a shower, this may be caused by a damaged water line that is hidden from plain view. It is important to determine exactly where this leak is occurring if that is the case, since a leak of that nature can potentially cause major structural damage in your home, as well as unsightly water stains on the ceiling and walls. Before that minor leak becomes a major headache, it is a good idea to call the experts at Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing. Our fully certified Plumbing Contractors in Kelowna will be able to quickly track down that leaking pipe and make the necessary repairs to the water line in no time.

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Emergency Repairs

While some leaks are slow and cause damage over time, others can occur in moments and cause major flooding and water damage if they are not addressed immediately. Thankfully the plumbing experts at Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing are on call and available to make emergency repairs should a pipe burst in your home. Our team will show up quickly and make sure the repairs to your pipes are completed to your total satisfaction. We know what a major inconvenience a burst pipe can cause, and are happy to help relieve our customers from the stress that a burst pipe may cause. Our customers can also rest assured that whatever repairs we make will be completed to the highest standards to ensure that such an issue never occurs again.

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