Is the Air Pressure & Ventilation Balanced in Your Home?

unbalanced air pressure can trap dirt in your home

The key to home comfort and energy efficiency lies in properly sealed homes with excellent ventilation. Ensuring that these two factors of air circulation are well balanced will keep your home’s occupants feeling comfortable year round, while simultaneously keeping your energy costs low. If your home is too tightly sealed, the air can become a lot more polluted with dust and other harmful particles than it needs to be. At the same time too much ventilation can cause your heating and cooling systems to work overtime, costing you more on your energy bills. So how do you tell if the air pressure and ventilation in your home is at a balanced level?

A properly balanced ventilation system pulls fresh air into a home at the same rate that stale air is pushed outside. This not only keeps the air in your home fresh and at a well regulated temperature, it prevents the air pressure from becoming unbalanced. If the air in your home isn’t properly pressurized, this can cause your climate control systems to work too hard, while ventilation will start to pull more and more pollutants inside, as opposed to pushing them outside of the house. The best way to ensure your home’s ventilation and air pressure remain at an optimal level is to install a balanced ventilation system.

Some homes are built with a ventilation system that is combined with the air flow system. In other words, the same air ducts that circulate temperature controlled air also are responsible for ventilation. This is fine in some cases when the air handlers like a furnace are turned off or on. A system like this can ventilate effectively in one or the other situations, not both. Your ventilation can be perfect when your furnace or air conditioner is on, but as soon as they go off, the air pressure can become unbalanced. The same is true if the ventilation system is designed to work when the climate control systems are off. Since one or the other is either on or off at any given time, especially in a country like Canada that experiences both hot and cold weather throughout the year, your ventilation is only working properly half the time.

By installing a balanced ventilation system that is separate from the existing air control system, you can quickly start to experience even air pressure and balanced ventilation at all times in your home. These systems are often installed in attics, or other areas of the home where a single exhaust and intake point can be adequately spaced. The air that enters the intake is spread throughout the home to balance the air pressure, while the exhaust moves polluted or excess air out of the home.

At Lillie Family, our team of HVAC experts are ready to diagnose any air pressure or ventilation issues you may have in your home. Once we have identified an issue, we can offer the ideal solutions to make sure the problem gets properly fixed. To find out how we can improve the air quality and comfort level in your home, contact us directly to get a quote today!

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