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Replacing your furnace is a task that is best accomplished with the assistance of furnace replacement qualified professionals who have the knowledge needed to select equipment that is sized to meet the demands of your home, strata complex, or business facility. Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing Company offers four generations of experience, training, and service, enabling them to figure out the best furnace option for each of its customers. Our background qualifies our technicians to install your new furnace as they take out the old one. If your equipment only needs repairs, we can assist you with that as well.

What Are the Signs That You Need Furnace Replacement or Repair?

How can you tell that you are having problems with your furnace? If the issues have already turned into serious ones, then you probably have a clear idea that a problem exists. The lack of heat and clanging noises are going to be the most obvious signs. In fact, if you are constantly calling in a repairman to service your equipment, a replacement might be a good idea.

The good news is that you can usually get away with a few simple repairs if you discover the trouble before it gets out of control. This is perhaps the biggest reason why we recommend that every furnace owner (residential, commercial, strata, and industrial) schedule regular maintenance for a furnace on an annual basis. Even if repairs aren’t going to be sufficient to resolve the problem, an early diagnosis helps to give you plenty of time to shop around for a new furnace.

Professional Furnace Repairs

Whether your furnace is experiencing intermittent problems or it has completely stopped working, an experienced serviceman from Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing Company can troubleshoot and diagnose the problem for you. If your furnace isn’t working as well as it used to, it might need maintenance or repairs.

Our furnace specialists will inspect your furnace in order to determine whether it can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced. Repairing a faulty furnace helps to improve not only its performance but also its efficiency, lowering your utility costs.

Quality Furnace Replacements in the Vancouver Area

When your furnace has been experiencing ongoing problems that seem to occur every month or so, it is more than likely that you are in need of a replacement. Clogged vents and bad parts can disrupt the performance of your furnace while also increasing your utility bills as your equipment experiences a drop in efficiency.

AFUE Furnace Efficiency Ratings

An AFUE rating system is used to identify how well a furnace converts fuel into heat. The lowest rating that you can purchase is 80%, while the highest is 98%. The higher the rating is, the more energy-efficient the furnace is.

If you are dealing with furnace issues and you need help deciding whether repairs are possible or a replacement is necessary, please contact Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing Company at (604) 936-9599 for fast, professional service in the Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Langley, Burnaby, or Port Moody area.


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