Clogged Drains


A clogged toilet or shower drain can quickly be cleared by using some type of pipe cleaning solution such as Drano, or by simply using a plunger to get the pipes clear again. Unfortunately, a quick and easy fix is not always the case, and some clogged drains and plugged toilets require professional attention before they can start flowing smoothly again.

The reason for this is because in some cases the issue isn’t in the pipes under the sink, it might be that the clog is further down the drain pipes. If this is the case, you will need professional help. To determine whether or not your pipes are in need of a professional cleaning, there are a few things you can keep an eye out for when inspecting the drain or toilet yourself. For instance, if all the toilets in your home are having trouble flushing properly, it is likely due to an issue with your sewer line which should be immediately addressed before any sewer back-ups occur.

Our plumbing techs will be able to determine the extent of the issue and are equipped to repair any problem they may come across. Slow draining sinks and tubs can often be caused by a significant buildup of hair and calcium from the water within the pipes, which can be hard to clear with a drain cleaning solution.

Our plumbing experts will not only clear that drain quickly, but we will also be sure to avoid creating any unnecessary mess in your tub or sink, so you can get back to your regular routine immediately.

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As a family company, we understand how a simple clogged drain or toilet can wreak havoc on the daily routine of your household. That is why there is no job too big or too small for our fully plumbers to handle. We offer fast and friendly service and are fully equipped to handle whatever clogged drainage issue you need to be resolved and we have service trucks throughout Vancouver’s lower mainland in in the Okanagan.

At Lillie Family Heating & Plumbing, we are committed to taking the time to communicate with our customers about the work their home may require, and we are always up-front about the cost of a job and how long we will need to take to complete it to the full satisfaction of our customer.

Feel free to contact us by phone or book online to talk to one of our plumbing experts about how we can help you with clogged sinks, tubs, toilets, sewer pipes, floor drains and any other drainage issues you may come across in your home!