What Can I Put in My Garbage Disposal?


Many people who experience clogged sinks and drains in their kitchen can often blame the problem on a build up of food and other waste material in their pipes. Even if you have a garburator in your kitchen that is capable of breaking down waste so it can go down the drain easily, there are some materials that are often found in the kitchen that should never go into the garbage disposal. To help you understand what can go in your garbage disposal, we have prepared a short list of items to avoid at all times. A garbage disposal can be very handy and convenient when it comes to keeping your kitchen sink clean and smelling fresh. Unfortunately, it can also be a real hassle when it stops working properly, which is why it is very important to avoid putting the following items in your kitchen’s garbage disposal.

Flour, Pasta, Potatoes and Vegetable Peels

You may be surprised to see some of these items at the top of our list of things you should never put in your garburator. Flour and pasta may seem like soft and relatively light items that couldn’t possibly cause a jam in your garburator, but they can actually do a lot of damage. Like potatoes and vegetable peels, flour and pasta contain a great deal of carbohydrates that can form a glue like substance when ground down in water. After they dry out and harden, it can cause your garbage disposal to jam and not function properly, or at all. It is best to dispose of these items in a compost bin or in the regular trash to avoid issues with your garbage disposal all together.

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Hot Cooking Grease

Many people are already aware that it is never a good idea to pour cooking grease down the sink. The grease cools and hardens in the pipe, causing a sticky surface to form on the inside of your drain that clings to other materials, causing a clog to build up. The same goes for a garbage disposal. Pouring grease in a garbage disposal can also cause a major blockage in your pipes, which can be even harder to fix with a garburator present.

Tea Leaves and Coffee Grounds

The consistency of wet tea leaves and coffee grounds make them a bad item to put in your garbage disposal. The leaves and grounds can actually start to settle in the u-bend in your drain, and will eventually cause a major clog if you continue to pour these items down the drain. Your best bet for disposal of these items is directly in the trash or compost.

Avoiding putting these items in your garbage disposal will ensure that it continues to effectively dispose of other items that it is designed to handle. Items like bread, cooked meat (not bones!) and ice. If you have any questions about clogged or slow draining sinks, or are in need of repairs for your drains or garbage disposal, feel free to give the plumbing experts at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing a call today!