Avoiding Common Winter Plumbing Problems in Vancouver

winter plumbing problems

Winter is one of the seasons your plumbing system is likely to develop problems.  Winter leaks lead to issues such as rotting, mold and flooding. These problems are common during the winter because of the high-level precipitations and subzero temperatures.  Besides, the expanding ice and blistering winds increase the risk of your plumbing developing problems. Problems such as frozen systems and burst pipes can lead to costly repairs. Work closely with your Kelowna plumbers to ensure these plumbing issues do not occur.  Below are some of the other ways of avoiding common winter plumbing problems in Vancouver.

Common Winter Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid them

Gutter cleaning

It would be best if you made sure you clean gutters before snow or rain starts. When the gutters are clogged, debris and water can build up. This build-up can lead to leaks if there is a lot of water accumulating in your gutters. Therefore, you should make it a habit to have the gutters cleaned regularly every six months. It is advisable to clean them early spring and late fall.

Pipe insulation

If there are exposed pipes in your home, you can have them ready for winter and prevent leaks by insulating them. The major goal is to ensure they do not freeze. Freezing of the pipes can lead to cracks as the ice inside expands. When the ice inside melts, leaks occur, making it advisable to have all the exposed pipes to be insulated.  You can insulate the pipes on your own by use of insulating foam tape. However, if you are not sure Non how to do it, you can hire commercial plumbers to do the job for you.

Turn off the water supply when on holiday

If you are going for a holiday during the winter, never forget to turn off the water from the main supply. Shut off all the faucets, taps and water valves for all your major appliances at home.  It would help if you also made it a point to turn your water heater to low. This helps avoid evaporation.

Tarping your roof

If you have skylights or a flat roof, then there are high risks of winter leaks. This is the case because snow and water will accumulate if your pool is not slanted. When you recognize leaks, call our Kelowna plumbers for help immediately. To avoid leaks during winter if you have a flat roof is to use a simple tarp. Nail the tarp to keep them in place.

Empty septic tanks regularly

You should empty septic tanks regularly to avoid dangerous back ups and clogging. To empty the septic tanks, you should dig out the lid and remove it temporarily. This can be hard during the winter, so you need to do it before.  Note that if the septic tank overflow or pipes burst, they can cause damage that is hard to repair.

Water heater inspection and draining

A water heater is prone to breakdown during the winter. The major problem is that it is during the winter that you need it most. One of the major causes of the problem is the buildup of sediment at the bottom of the heater tank. It is advisable to perform a thorough inspection annually or hire commercial plumbers to inspect for you. You can remove the sediment by flushing the water heater tank, despite that you will need to shut the system for a while.

Detach all hoses

There are high chances you may forget to detach garden hoses from your house during the winter. In case you leave them attached during the winter and water freezes, then you are likely going to experience broken water pipes. This happens because the frozen water leads to build up pressure that makes the pipes to burst open. To ensure that such issues do not arise, make sure you detach all the hoses completely. Besides, make sure you only use the main valve to get rid of the water from the pipes.

Ensure there is no blockage in your drainage system

Basement flooding is another problem that can affect your commercial or residential property during winter.  Therefore, before winter starts, you need to look at the drainage areas to ensure there is no blockage from leaves or other forms of debris. After the winter, you should also do the same to make sure that effective drainage is not hindered by ice or snow. In case the drainage system remains blocked, there is a risk of water backing up and flooding the basement. This issue can also lead to cracking and freezing.

To ensure that you get the best results, always hire Kelowna plumbers to help you avoid plumbing issues during the winter. They know the techniques and skills on how to do it in the best way and ensure that your plumbing system works smoothly during the entire winter season.

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