Double FortisBC Rebates

More information Customers can call 1-855-909-2329 or email Enhanced rebates will also be available for Income Qualified households. Visit to learn more. BC Hydro offers are available at BC Hydro Home Renovation Rebate Program Customers who currently heat their homes with natural gas, oil or propane and convert to a heat pump:

Gas Recalls

Gas Recalls

Triangle Tube’s Prestige Solo and Prestige Excellence Condensing Gas Boilers recalled Health Canada has issued a recall to repair Triangle Tube’s Prestige Solo and Prestige Excellence Condensing Gas Boilers due to risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Issue: Flue gas can escape from the gas boilers if the vent adapter is not securely reattached to the boiler after maintenance or repair, … Read More

Reasons For A High Water Bill

Reasons for a high water bill

A fact of life is that we need water to survive. We also need water now more than ever to keep washing our hands during the Covid-19 pandemic. So if you water bill has a sudden increase you will want to know the reasons for a high water bill. If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill it … Read More

The Cost Of A Hot Water Tank

Cost of Hot Water Tank

What Is The Cost Of A Hot Water Tank The cost of a hot water tank varies.  The average cost range is from $1200 to $2500.  Before you jump into a replacement, make sure you need one. How To Know If You Need To Replace Your Hot Water Tank There are common signs that will let you know if you … Read More

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Types Of Air Conditioners

Summer is coming and with it the heat.  It comes as no surprise that air conditioning usage in BC is rising across the province.  Whether it be due to climate change or if people just want to be more comfortable, the number of people with air conditioning units is growing.  If you are considering getting an AC unit then you … Read More

Covid-19 and Contactless Service


First of all to you and your family, we hope that you are all safe and doing well during this Covid-19 pandemic. Your health and well-being, as well as that of our team members, is of the utmost importance; therefore, we want to keep you in the loop regarding our updated COVID-19 Response Plan. The following are the safety precautions we have … Read More

Maintaining Your Furnace during the Winter Season

furnace repair

During winter you have to make sure that all appliances in your home are working in the right way, failure to which your home may be uncomfortable to live. The extreme cold weather conditions require that your home heating system is working correctly. The furnace is one of the most critical parts of your home that should be working right … Read More

Avoiding Common Winter Plumbing Problems in Vancouver

winter plumbing problems

Winter is one of the seasons your plumbing system is likely to develop problems.  Winter leaks lead to issues such as rotting, mold and flooding. These problems are common during the winter because of the high-level precipitations and subzero temperatures.  Besides, the expanding ice and blistering winds increase the risk of your plumbing developing problems. Problems such as frozen systems … Read More

15 Tips on Fixing Common Problems in Your HVAC System

HVAC system repair

Having an HVAC system is a great investment in your home or business. Besides making your house a comfortable place to live, it also adds the overall value of your home. To ensure that your air conditioning system is working correctly, it requires great care and maintenance. You should also ensure that it is in top-notch condition at all times. … Read More

Notable Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Water Heater

water heater and washing machine

Continuous availability of warm water is critical in your home. From baths, showers, kitchen sinks and all others, hot or warm water makes the different task easy and comfortable to perform. With the many ways you use hot water at home, it means that the water heater may be overused making it prone to getting damaged. With the high demand … Read More