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Air Conditioning unit

AC Unit

Lillie Family technicians are  professionals that are experienced in air conditioner repair.  Look to us for qualified and experienced professionals for all of your AC repair needs.

Do air conditioners need to be repaired?

An air conditioner has parts like filters, coils, as well as fins that require regular maintenance. If these parts are not maintained, your unit may not function effectively. Units that do not have preventative maintenance done will slowly lose their effectiveness.

Air Conditioners - when you may need repair?

There are things that could be wrong with your AC unit that may need repairs and not maintenance. Keep a look out for these issues;

  • Loud noices
  • Strange smells coming from the unit
  • An increase in your utility bill
  • The temperature fluxuates

Can I do repairs myself?

An air conditioner is a complex appliance that requires specific knowledge to repair. We do not recommend that you take this on as a do it yourself project. Our technicians are trained in the electrical as well as coolant components. For your safety it is best to call one of the professionals at Lillie Family Heating and Plumbing. We are here for you!

How much can repairs cost?

The cost to service an air conditioning unit will vary based on the type of unit along with the time required.  On average a system will take about 1 hour to service and require minimal parts.  However if a part does need to be replaced the cost can increase.

24/7 Emergency Service

Your air conditioning unit is a critical part of your home's environment control.   In case of a breakdown your home could become uncomfortable due to the increased temperature.  Lillie Family Heating is happy to say that we have 24 hour emergency service available.  This will ensure that your system can get up and running if a faster timeline.

Systems we can repair

  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Units
  • Compressors
  • Ductless Air Conditioning Systems
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Systems
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